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Do you relate to any of these?

Stuck in over thinking or your own way
Sabotaging yourself
Experiencing a lack of self love or feeling 'not as good as the others'
Fear of rejection or what others think
Trying to take action on something for ages but always procrastinate 

You want to experience more of these?

Have strong self confidence
Want to create an internal voice of self love
Want to get into action with a high level of accountability
Wanting to experience strong positive mindset
A boost in your business or career

The Confident Action Taker Academy is a place for over thinkers who are holding themselves back or stuck. Designed to create the clarity of what you want in life and boost that confidence within you to go after it. 
Is this for you? 

Don't over think it, find out some more...

Check out what these action takers have said about their transformations.
You could be coached by Jonny personally too.

What's included?
If you put in the work by the end of the Academy you will have:

Clearly defined your goals on what you want... how exciting for you

Taken massive action towards them... feeling proud of yourself

A new level of confidence from the tools and coaching... feeling that self love for yourself

This exciting 30 day program includes:

A vault of short concise, trainings with clear simple actions for you to implement. These come from some of the best personal growth coaches that have transformed myself and clients from fearful and over thinkers into confident and inspired individuals doing what they love

A process to clearly define what it is you actually want, leaving you excited to take action

A strong accountability system with clear deadlines to keep you on track to boost your confidence and growth

An option of 2 group coaching sessions per week to connect with and work out your challenges whether it's over thinking, imposter syndrome, self doubt, time management and more

For super fast and early actions takers really committed to improving their life:

A complimentary personal 1:1 session with Jonny to get you closer to where you want to be and specific actions for boosting your confidence and self belief even more

+Additional surprise bonuses

Plus a few more words from those who have benefited from coaching...

“I really enjoyed being coached by Jonny. He has a real talent for coaching and his interest and passion for self-development really shows in his coaching sessions. Jonny is very personable and puts you at ease in his sessions, but at the same time asks challenging questions that really helped me to clearly define my goals and actions.
During the sessions that I was coached by Jonny I was able to identify and address some personal challenges, identify clear goals on how I could overcome these challenges, and was able to define steps to take in order to achieve them. I am pleased to say that I am still making progress on these goals even after my coaching with Jonny has come to an end.

Thank you Jonny!”

Clare, Leadership Coach

“I felt Jonny’s coaching approach was excellent in his communication with me, asking me questions to uncover my challenges, as well as listening to my responses to guide me on how I can achieve desired results.

Thank you Jonny for the coaching you provided me, I would definitely recommend your services to everyone who is looking for support with self-improvement.”

Jamie, Careers Consultant CEO

“A few weeks ago I tried something new. I was struggling with time management and dealing with a case of imposter syndrome with my novel, and my coaching sessions have helped me in ways I never expected. I am now a believer in the power of coaching. If you’re in a rut have a chat with Jonny Pardoe”

Kate, Author

"One of the most powerful things Jonny helped me with was my self esteem, confidence, self love and self encouragement. He gave me a particular exercise that I found really helpful, which I really felt a massive impact for the rest of the day, I'd never thought to do before. Jonny was really, really good at listening and taking into consideration what my goals were and what I wanted to achieve, he set me really manageable, proactive and actions based on my goals. We created some recommendations that transformed the way I look at money management and a confidence to see a really bright future. It's been a really powerful experience and I totally recommend it."

John, Graphic Designer

“I had some successful coaching sessions with Jonny recently due to some challenges I was having in my work life, and I was unsure how to overcome them. Through our discussions I reached a conclusion in how to address these challenges and now have some tools and action plans in place to help me deal with any similar problems I might face in the future. Thanks Jonny!”

Kirsty, HR

"Jonny's gifted in many ways but one of his best traits is his ability to listen. He knows exactly what questions to ask and he always lets the other person come to their conclusion themselves. Jonny is the kind of couch every ambitious person should have to never stop striving towards their goals.

What’s also important to mention - Jonny is very flexible and always full of energy no matter the time of day!"

Jakub, Film Production

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